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1. Complete the following sentences:

a) Acrobatic Gymnastics is a _______ competition accompanied by _________.

b) It is a sport that needs physical _________, stamina, rhythm, ________ and balance. It is a team sport, so your _________ depends on you.

c) It is a very ______  activity,  Egyptians did human pyramids more than 2000 years ago.


2. If we do a pyramid of four people, why do we form groups of five or six?



 3. Complete:

When we build a structure, we must start from the ___________, and it must grow to the _________.


4. Match each word or expression with its meaning:

Allowed                                             Ser mantenido

Helpers                                             Necesarios

To be held                                         Seguridad

Skills                                                Permitido                   

To develop                                         Habilidades

Needed                                            Ayudantes

Safety                                             Desarrollar


5. Draw three different pyramids for the following groups: (Use dummies) 

a) Pyramids in pairs

b) Pyramids in groups of three

c) Pyramids with an inversion

d) Benches









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