Online Grammars

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Enlace web Oxford Language Practice Online
Excellent webpage. You can practice your grammar online with interactive activities directly from Oxford publishers web page. You can select basic, intermediate or advanced level, and choose from grammar, writing and listening activities.
Enlace web English Grammar Online For You (EGO4U)
Good online grammar with lots of examples and exercises to practice.
Enlace web Non stop english
You can find different interactive tests on grammar and choose different english levels.Prepositions, modal verbs, tenses, etc. It doesn´t have grammar explanations, though.
Enlace web English Vocabulary in Use (Upper intermediate and advanced)
You can see it here and even download it.
Enlace web Longman Pre-Intermediate Grammar
Pre-Intermediate Grammar Practice book, from Longman. You can flip the pages online and even download it.
Enlace web Longman Intermediate Grammar
You can watch it and flip its pages online, but not download it this time.