Human Body: Pushing the limits

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A series from Discovery Channel, revealing the human body in ways never seen before. Journey to a hidden world beneath the skin.


1. STRENGTH - Tornado Boy

Carried away by a tornado, he miraculously landed in a nearby cornfield with just a few bumps.


2. STRENGTH - Street Gymnast

These remarkable urban athletes push their bones, muscles and joints to the max.


3. SIGHT - Optical Illusions

Movie sets and magicians can often fool the eye. Why can't we see what's really there?


4. SIGHT - Lifeguard

Keeping watch for swimmers in distress requires lighting fast processing of visual information.


5. SENSATION - Shaolin Monks

Intense training and mental discipline allow these masters to endure incredible pain and punishment.


6. SENSATION - Polygraph Tests

How does a lie detector use your body's natural stress reactions to pick the truth from your mind?


7. Pushing the Limits: Rock Climber

The human body is engineered for strength, power and endurance. Bone is sturdy as concrete but flexible enough to resist breaking. It's even light enough to allow us to be quicker off the mark than a racehorse.


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