1º ESO: Athletics 4: The events: Jumping events

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C) Jumping events:
The athletic jumping events are:
1) High Jump: competitors must jump over a horizontal bar without the aid of any devices. Here you have a video:

2) Long Jump: in it, competitors sprint down a runway and jump as far as they can from behind a foul line into a sand pit (a pit filled with sand.) Here you have a video: <br

3) Triple Jump:
The triple jump (also called hop, step and jump) is similar to the long jump, but involving a “hop, step and jump” routine. The competitor runs along the track and must do a hop, a step and then a jump into the sand pit. Here you have a video: <br

4) Pole Vault: event in which a person uses a long, flexible pole as an aid to jump over a bar. Here you have a video:  

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