1º ESO: Athletics 3: The events: Throwing events

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B) Throwing events

 All competitors take three throws. After that, the top eight take another three. Their best valid throw is recorded and the winner is the athlete with the longest valid throw .
The Athletics Throwings are:
1) Javelin Throw: The men´s  javelin  weighs 800g, while women´s weighs  600g. Here you have a video:

2) Shotput Throw:
Competitors take their throw from inside a concrete surfaced circle, with a toe board 10 cm high at the front of the circle. The shot weighs 7.26kg for men, 4kg for women. Here you have a video:

3) Hammer Throw: The hammer is a heavy metal ball attached to a wire and a handle. It weighs 7,257kg for men, 4kg for women.  Competitors swing the hammer above their head before releasing it. Here you have a video:

4) Discus Throw: The discus has a weight of  2kg for men and 1kg for women. To complete a throw, the competitor starts in a circle. The thrower spins around three times in the circle to gain speed, and then, then releases his discus. Here you have a video:



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