3º ESO: Gymnastics 2: Apparatus

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We will study only Artistic Gymnastics:

In it, Men do 6 apparatus, and women 4:



1) Floor work or Floor Exercise: (Suelo) takes place on a square mat. Gymnasts cannot leave the mat.







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 2) Vault: (Potro de salto) They jump on to the vault first, then, gymnasts do some acrobatics before jumping down to the ground







3) Asymmetrical parallel bars: (Paralelas asimétricas)  are two parallel bars at different heights. Gymnasts use them to do acrobatics







4) Balance Beam: (Barra de equilibrio) Gymnasts balance on a wooden beam. They need great concentration so they don´t fall to the floor.










1) Floor work or Floor Exercise: is the same as the women´s exercise, with two differences: it´s shorter and does not include music





 2) Vault: is the same as in women´s but they must jump it lengthwise







  3) Parallel bars: (Barras paralelas)  are two parallel even bars that gymnasts must use to do various acrobatic exercises.







4) High bar or Horizontal bar: (Barra fija) is a raised bar. Gymnasts must use the bar to do acrobatics. 







 5) Pommel horse: (Caballo con arcos) is like a vault with handles. The gymnasts must not touch the vault while doing acrobatics.







 6) Still Rings: (Anillas) are two wooden rings that gymnasts must use for their exercises.







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