3º ESO: Gymnastics 1: Basic Facts and Vocabulary

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Gymnastics is a traditional sport in the Olympics.

It was practiced in Ancient Greece. Gymnos means “nude” in greek. Gymnasts did their exercises nude then!!

It is a very spectacular sport, with incredible and powerful movements.

In this unit you will learn the basic vocabulary and skills of Gymnastics.


Gymnastics is a sport that needs flexibility, balance, strength and endurance.

It has different apparatus. Gymnasts do exercises in those apparatus and a judge gives them a score.

It has two forms:  Artistic and Rythmic Gymnastics.

We will only study Artistic Gymnastics


Watch this highlights videos showing you the different apparatus for women and men gymnastics:








    Lenghtwise: A lo largo
    Upside down: Del revés
    Backwards: Hacia atrás
    Mat: colchoneta
    Straddle: a horcajadas (se usa para la voltereta con piernas abiertas: "straddle roll")



    To take place: tener lugar, celebrarse
    To balance: equilibrarse, guardar el equilibrio
    To face: mirar hacia
    To perform: llevar a cabo, realizar
    To be awarded: ser concedido u otorgado
    To compete: competir



    The roll: (voltereta) is a complete roll on the ground.

    Straddle roll: you already know !

    Front cartwheel: (la rondada) is like a side cartwheel, but instead of facing one side, you turn your body to face front.

    Headstand or Head-and-hand balance: (equilibrio de cabeza o puntal) is a handstand that also uses your head for balance.

    Somersault or Front flip: (mortal) is a complete forward roll in the air

    Backwards somersault of Back flip: is a complete roll backwards in the air.

    Side cartwheel: (rueda lateral) is a complete side rotation of the body.

    Handstand or Hand balance: (el pino o equilibrio de manos) is balancing your body upside down on your hands.

    Bridged handstand: ( pino-puente) is the sum of a handstand and a bridge.

    Front angel: (el angel frontal) is a balancing position on one leg. You should hold it for a few seconds.

    Running handstand or Front handspring: (paloma) is a complete inversion of your body with a running start and a hand push on the ground.



    Floor work or floor exercise: Suelo Parallel bars: Paralela
    Vault: Potro de salto High bar or Horizontal bar: Barra fija
    Balance Beam: Barra de equilibrio    Pommel horse: Caballo con arcos 
    Asymmetrical parallel bars: Paralelas asimétricas       
Rings: Anillas


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