1º ESO. Basketball 3: Basic Skills

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 A) THE TRIPLE-THREAT POSITION:                                                              

-This is the first thing to learn.

-The "triple-threat" position allows you to dribble, shoot or pass quickly.

-Put the ball in one side of your chest, far from the defender.

-Turn your body so your body is between the ball and the defender.



The dribble is a push-pull movement of the arm.  Your fingers must form a cup to adapt to the ball. Fingers and wrist must be relaxed. Control the ball with your fingers, not the palms. Raise your non-dribbling hand up for protection.

Control, or Low Dribble:

Use this when the defender is close to you. Dribble the ball at knee level or lower so it's hard for the defender to touch it.                                                                                                                                                                          
Speed, or High Dribble:
Use it when you need to run with the ball quick. Extend your dribbling arm completely, pushing the ball out in front of your body.
-Keep the ball near waist level to run comfortably.



Two-Handed Chest Pass:
This is the most effective pass you can use.

-Place each hand on each side of the ball. Push the ball out from your chest extending your arms.

Bounce Pass:

This type of pass is good to miss the defender´s hands, but it is the slowest one. You can do it with one or two hands. If you do it with both hands,  it is similar to the chest pass, but the ball must hit the floor on its way to the receiver. 

Baseball Pass:    

Effective for long passes. Place the ball high above the side of your head and throw the ball with a quick wrist move.



Basic position:

-Your feet should be shoulder width apart.

-Weight should be slightly forward on your toes, knees bent slightly, hips relaxed.

-Place your right foot slightly ahead of the left.


Ball Placement:

-Hold the ball close to your chest and just below your chin.

-Your fingers and thumb must be well spread and your thumbs and index fingers forming a “W”

Prepare to shoot:

-Tilt your wrist back.

-Your hand, forearm, elbow, knee and foot should be in a straight line (this is called "the shooting line"). Knees must be slightly bent, hips relaxed.

-Look at the rim before, during, and after your shot.


The Shot:

-When you begin the shot, your weight should roll forwards, to the toes of your forward foot.

-Push the ball with all your body: start with your legs, and afterwards your arms. When  the ball leaves your hand, snap your wrist to release the ball with a  back spin, necessary for a soft shot. 



-Pick the side you are going to shoot from, right or left. 

-If you're on the right, dribble and shoot with your right hand. If you're on the left, do it with your left hand.

-From the right:

-When you get to the three point line, place your right foot in front.

-Put the ball in your right hand. Run two giant steps towards the basket.

-About 1.5m from the basket, stop dribbling and jump off the right foot.

-Throw the ball at the backboard top corner with the right hand. The ball should hit the backboard and pass through the net.



image: chigagobullsphoto at flickr.com




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