1º ESO. Basketball 2: Basic Rules, the court and player´s positions.

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- Basketball players play with a ball on a court dribbling, passing, and shooting.  

-There are two teams of five players on the court.

-They score points when a player shoots the ball through the hoop. 

-A basket (or field goal) counts two or three points, and free throws count one point each.

-A basketball game has four quarters.  
-The length of each quarter has 10 minutes (12 in the NBA).

-Play starts with a “jump ball” at center court. At halftime, teams switch sides. 

If a game ends in a tie, teams usually play overtime periods until one team wins. 

You can review the basic rules with this video too:


In Basketball there are two different types of faults:

Violations: a violation is an infraction to the rules of Basketball. (for example the player takes more than two steps without bouncing the ball on the floor).

-When you commit a violation, the other team gets the ball. 

Fouls: A foul is an illegal action that a player from one team commits to a player from the oppossing team. 

-When you commit a foul, the other team can get the ball or have free throws. 




-Each player has a position in the court when playing. This position is usually depends on the height of the player.

-Teams usually have:  two guards, two forwards, and one center.

-The tallest person  usually plays “center”, while the medium size ones play “forwards”. 

-The shortest players then play “guards”. 

Look at this video from www.ehow.com, explaining the meaning of each line in the court:

 SUBTITLES: 1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey rectangular button with two lines
This is the transcript:
Right now I'm going to go over some of the markings on the basketball court. There's a lot of markings within the 94 feet of space, so it's important to know all of them.

Right now I'm standing in the jump circle. Outside of the jump ball or the initial jump ball of the game, this really doesn't get used too much. Just remember this is the jump circle.

There's a line that cuts through the middle of the court. This is called the half court line.

Right now I'm standing in the key. This is this blue rectangle right here, which is also called 3 seconds. This is the elbow, which is the top of the key. This is the other elbow. You remember this because it's bent like your elbow.

This line that goes across here, this is the foul line. You're going to shoot any kind of violations from here for a 1 point shot, or you can also shoot a 1 and 1 from there.

This is called the base line or out of bound line. When the other team is taking out the ball, they're going to stand out here. This little area right here, even though there are no markings, this is called the short corner.

This is a 3-point line, or the arch, as some people like to call it. It goes all the way outside of the key. Any shots on offense taken from here are worth 3 points. This is a sideline or another out of bounds line. The team on offense is going to be taking the ball from out of bounds. This is the sideline.

You can find the complete "Basketball tips for women" series  HERE

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