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1. Review:


2. Find a way from start to finish. You can pass a square only if the word in it is in the Rope Skipping class notes. You can only move horizontally ←→ or vertically ↑↓.




3. Complete the following sentences:

a) As before any exercise, do a proper ________to prepare your body. You must pay special attention to ________your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and deltoids.

b) You must try not to do ______ jumps. The _______  you jump, the quicker you get tired. A height of three fingers above the ______ is the ideal height. 

c) In rope skipping competitions, athletes ___________ in individual and team ___________  using single ropes or double-Dutch. 

d) Jumping _____ helps strengthen your legs and also your arms and shoulders. This combination of an aerobic workout and ___________ makes rope jumping a popular form of exercise for athletes, especially boxers, wrestlers and basketball players.

e) The criss-cross is similar to the basic _____ with the only difference being that while_________, the left hand goes to the _______ part of the body and vice versa for the ______hand, so that you _____ the rope in front of you.

f) To do a direction change, you start jumping forwards, and in a given moment, instead of _________the rope under your feet, you swing it to one of your sides. You must then _______ with the rope to that side and raise it. When it is on top of your ______, you swing it backwards and you are jumping backwards: you have completed a direction change!


4. Name five of the individual jumps we pratise in class:










5. When you jump a long rope, when must you enter it?



6. In our classes we jump in three different ways. Explain them using the words in green:

Individual: swings, person, own, rope:___________________________________________

Pairs: partner, jumps, person, rope, enters, him:__________________________________________

Long Rope: rest of the class, individually, groups, people:____________________________________________________







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