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Enlace web www.olympic.org
This is the main web page for olympism, it belongs to the IOC (International Olympic Comittee).
Enlace web The Main Olympic topics
Extensive brochure on the Olympics: from the ancient Olympic Games to the Modern Ones
Enlace web Search all Olympic medallists
Here you can look for all Olympic Medallists from the Modern Era (since 1896)
Enlace web Records and Medals at the Olympic Summer Games
A factsheet with curiosities about what medallists have more medals, who won more in one single Olympic games, erc...
Enlace web Symbols, mascots and medals
Here you can view all different medals and mascots along the Olympic Games.
Enlace web The Olympic Games in Antiquity 790
Enlace web The Modern Olympic Games 822
Enlace web Olympic Oral Stories
A Very interesting link, not only for you to practice your oral skills, but for the unique opportunity of listening to the personal experiences of Olympic Medallists. The Amateur Athletic Foundation, in cooperation with Southern California Olympians, has undertaken an oral history project involving Olympic medal winners who once lived in Southern California, or who live here now. Several oral histories have been completed and are available below: