2º ESO: Alternative Games 1: Intro and Indiaca

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Alternative games are new games with certain qualities:

     -Their main objective is being entertaining and fun.

     -They have simple rules, and you can easily change them
     -They require non conventional materials


There is not an official list of alternative sports, but some of them are frisbee, ultimate, juggling, indiaca, devil´s sticks, etc.
In this unit, we are going to learn a bit about them.



Indiacas are originally from Brazil.
In the ancient times, it consisted in a small sand sack with some feathers stuck in it.

Nowadays it consists in a foam ball, heavier on its bottom, with some feathers in its upper part.

To play the indiaca, you can hit it with any part of your body or even with a racket.
You can easily control it if you hit it with your hands, feet and joints (knee, elbow...)
                                                                                                                                                        Image: www.educacionfisicaysalud.com

     How to play: there are various possibilities:

You can try to keep it in the air hitting it with all your body, only with the feet, only with the joints...

You can also try to do a circuit holding it in the air (follow a line, climb some stairs, pass under or over a fence...

You can try to hold it as long as possible in the air between the both of you. With only one hit each one of you, with two or more...

Or you can play trying to score in a small court painted with a chalk...

You can play in teams of two, three or more players, even six as in volleyball.
You only need a net (or an elastic band to use as a net) and some chalk to draw a court on the floor.      

                                                                                                   Image: www.jtvlachen.ch

Again, you stablish the rules as you want: one, to or three hits per team or per person, hitting it with the whole body, or just the legs....

Maybe the easiest way to play is applying volleball rules. 

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