3º ESO: Athletics 2: The events: Running and race walking

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What are the events?

Sorprendido You don´t need to know them all by heart, only the types of events and some examples!

A) Running and racewalking events:

1) Sprint Events:
-100 metres
-110m hurdles (men) and 100m hurdles (women)
-200 metres
-400 metres
-400m hurdles (men and women)

Here you can see a 100m hurdles race:

2) Middle Distance Events: are events longer than sprints and up to 3000 metres.
-800 metres
-1500 metres
-3000 metres steeplechase

3) Long Distance Events: are events over 3000 metres.
-5000 metres
-10000 metres
-Marathon (outside the stadium but finishing in it: 42km and 195m)

4) Relay races:  are events in which four athletes participate as a team, passing a metal baton in between. Events commonly contested are:
-4x100m relay
-4x400m relay

Here you have the 4x100m world record established in Beijing Olympics:

5) Racewalking:


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