4º ESO. Volleyball 4: Positions in the Court and Rotation

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There are six positions in the court. Three in the front line and three in the back line. Players must keep their positions before the other team serves. After the server hits the ball, players can move freely.

Positions are numbered 1 to 6. number 1 is the serving position, ar the right side of the back line. Number 2 is in front of him, to the right of the front line. The rest of the positions are numbered counterclockwise, so number 6 is the back line player on the centre.

The Server 

- Stands with both feet in the “service area”: behind the baseline of the volleyball court.
One player serves continuously until his or her team commits a “fault”, after which the opposite team “rotates” and serves the ball. 

The Libero

The libero is a defensive specialist. This player typically wears the same jersey as the team but ina in an opposite color.  He or she usually plays in position numer 6. It has special substitution privileges and is preferred to receive the oposing team´s hits or spikes.

Back-row Players (Left, Right, Middle Backs)


Front-line Players (Left, Right, Middle)

- Play in the backcourt behind the attack line.                                            

-They are responsible for passing the ball towards teammates who then “set” the ball to the spikers.

-Back-row players also “dig” the ball on returned shots.


-Positioned in the frontcourt between the attack line and the net.

-These players mostly hit “spikes” into the opposite court and jump to “block” shots hit by the opposing side.


Everytime your team gains the posession of the ball, your whole team must rotate one position clockwise. So the player that was in position number 2 goes to position number 1 and serves. Player that was on number one moves to number 6 and so on.  

Each player must be within the court at the time the ball is served. All players must be in their correctly rotated position. If one player is out of his position, the team commits a fault and they lose a rally.

Here you have a video from www.ehow.com explaining the positions:


SUBTITLES: 1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey rectangular button with two lines

Here you have a video from www.ehow.com explaining the rotation:


SUBTITLES: 1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey rectangular button with two lines

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