4º ESO. Volleyball 2: Basic Rules

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Volleyball players hit a ball over a net using any part of their bodies.     


You score a point when the opponent team is either unable to return the volleyball over the net or prevent it from touching the court surface.

You don' t need to have the possession of the ball to score.

Who wins?

The first team to score 25 points by a margin of two points, wins the set.
The team that wins three sets wins the volleyball match.                                                                                                                                       Image: www.activekids.com

How Long Is A Match?

There is no set time limit for a volleyball match. 

There are two-minute breaks between each game; teams switch court sides after each break.

Team captains flip a coin to determine which side will serve first.

What are the main faults?

-The ball is held, thrown or pushed. 

-A team contacts the ball more than three times consecutively.  Except when the first contact is a block. 

-A ball touches a player twice in succession or the ball touches the body twice in succesion.

-Players are out of position at service. 

-A player enters a non-playing area to play the ball. 

-A player touches the net.

-A player attacks the ball above the opponent´s court or steps in the opponent’s court.     


What you can do: 

-Touch the ball with any part of your body.

-Hit the ball three times between different players.

-Play the ball outside of the court lines.

-Serve anywhere behind the base line.

-Touch the net with the ball.

What you can´t do:

-Touch the ball two times consecutively 

-Hold the ball or push it

-Touch the net with your body

-Step on the centre line or the opponent´s court.

Here you have a video explaining Volleyball´s basic rules:

SUBTITLES: 1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey arrow on the right of the screen, and then on "CC"

 You can find the complete "How to play volleyball" series from www.eHow.com   Here


Image: www.sun-sentinel.com

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