4º ESO: Floorball 2: Fixed situations

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1. Face-off :
-At the start of a new period and after a correctly scored goal, teams take a face-off at the centre spot.
-When play is interrupted and the referee can´t decide what team must do a hit-in, a free-hit or a penalty shot, play is resumed with a face-off.
-Teams take face-offs at the nearest face-off dot, according to where the ball was at the interruption.

      You also do a face-off...
-When the ball is damaged or is not correctly playable.
-When a serious injury occurs or an injured player directly affects play.
-When a penalty shot does not result in a goal.
Image: wikipedia commons

2. Hit-in:
-When the ball leaves the rink, the non-offending team gets a hit-in.
-Hit-ins must be taken from where the ball leaves the rink.
-All opponents must be at least 3 m from the ball.
-The ball must be hit to start play. The player taking the hit-in must not touch the ball again before another player touches it.
-A hit-in can go directly into goal.

3. Free-hit:
-When a team commits an offence, the other team gets a free-hit.
-The free-hit must start where the offence was committed, but never closer to the goalkeeper´s area than 3.5 m.

4. Penalty shot:
-When an offence leading to a penalty shot is committed, a penalty shot is awarded to the non-offending team...
-The penalty shot must be taken from the centre spot.

      Offences leading to a penalty shot:
When a goal situation is interrupted, or prevented from occurring, because the defending team has committed an offence leading to a free-hit or a penalty.

Here you have an amazing video on floorball skills:

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