4º ESO. Acrosport 2: Before we start

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Before starting with acrosport, we must do gymnastics to develop our body control.

Also, in the first acrosport class, we must learn how to support our partner´s weight without hurting ourselves:

A correct position is fundamental for a safe practice.

Next step is developing some strength by holding basic positions.

Now we are ready, but remember:

No playing around is allowed when we are practicing acrosport!!



1. Team members: each team will have more members than the ones needed to build the structure or pyramid. They are the helpers and must always pay attention to their partners.
2. Know what to do: Each team member must know what his or her position is.
3. The build up: You must build the structure in a coordinate way. Help is always needed. The structure must start from the center and grow to the sides. The last part are the upper levels.
4. Stabilisation: The position must always be held, specially if you are supporting a partner. Structures must last at least eight seconds.
5. Dismantling the structure: It must be coordinated. In reverse of the building, and always with help.
6. Roles: Each person must practise each position, building a figure, helpers must change places with those who were previously part of the structure.


1. Decide the structures and the order to perform them. (Look at the examples in the following pages).
2. Decide the linking exercises between one pyramid and the next one.
3. Practise the choreography. Focus on: helpers, building and dismantling it fluidly, links.
4. Choose some corresponding music.
5. Adapt the choreography to the music.

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