3º ESO: Badminton 4: Tactics

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Serve long and high to your opponent's back court. This will force your opponent to move back to the baseline and open up the front part of his court.
Throw some low serves occasionally and you might just catch your opponent off guard and win a point outright.

Always try to hit the shuttle away from your opponent and make him/her move around the court. You can also smash straight to your opponent´s body to gain an advantage.

Observe your opponent's strengths, weaknesses, favorite shots and pattern of play. Use it to your advantage.



BADfront back formation
In doubles, the tactic is to serve low.

Take up a position at the front to serve, and move to the middle of the court immediately.
Your partner must then cover the back court.
This is known as the Attacking Formation (Front-Back).

But sometimes you and your partner will have to take up a defensive position standing side by side.BADsidebyside double formation

This is known as the Defensive Formation (Side by side).

Driving the shuttle to the area in between your opponents makes them doubt and sometimes scores a straight point.

Use as many combinations of these shots as you can, so your opponent never knows what to expect.


 Here you have a video showing you multiple tactics for doubles:

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