3º ESO: Badminton 1: Basic Vocabulary and Rules

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It is the fastest racket sport. The shuttle reaches 260 km/h!

It is very fast but you can learn easily, as you can also play in a relaxed way.
This makes it the perfect sport that everyone can enjoy.

Badminton is also one of the most played sports in the World as it is a very popular sport in Asia as well as in some parts of Europe like Denmark and U.K.
It is played in Individual competitions (singles) or Doubles. Also is one of the few sports in which men and women play together, as there are Mixed Doubles (a man and a woman).


B) Basic Vocabulary:

A match: un partido A game: un juego
Shuttle: volante Court: cancha
To rally: pelotear A Rally: la duración de un punto

Rally format: formato de competición en el que no hace falta tener el saque para puntuar.

Forehand: envés de la mano. En bádminton se usa para el golpe “de derechas”)
Backhand: de revés Even: pares
Bounds: límites Smashes: remates
Odd: impares Deception: engaño
Outright: directamente To deceive: engañar
To pretend: fingir, hacer como si... To follow through: seguir el movimiento
Below: por debajo To shake hands: darse la mano

C) Basic Rules:

Badminton games have a 21 points rally format. This means you don´t have to be serving to score a point. You can score a point no matter who serves.

D) So, how do you play?

-To win a match, you have to win 2 out of 3 games.

-To win a game, you have to score 21 points.

-You score a point when your opponent can´t return the shuttle or the shuttle he/she returns falls out bounds (out of the court).

-In singles, you serve on the right service court when your score is an even number (0, 2, 4...).
-You serve on the left service court when your score is an odd number (1, 3, 5...)

-In doubles, if you serve and receive first on the right service court during a match, you will
continue to serve there when the score of your side is an even number. Reverse pattern for your

-If a score becomes 20-20, the side which scores 2 consecutive points will win that game.
-If the score becomes 29-29, the side that scores the 30th point will win that game.

The side winning a game serves first in the next game.
There is no "service over", meaning you can score a point no matter who serves.


E) Here you have a small video reviewing the main rules:

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