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 Here you have an orienteering compass: 


It is exactly the same as the ones we use in class. 

Do you remember how to use it? It had many steps, uh?

Don´t worry.

You will find a video below telling you how to use it.

Anyway, it is very important that you remember the name of its parts.

1. Baseplate 

2. Direction of travel arrow

3. Magnetic needle

4. Orienting lines

5. Orienting arrow

6. Compass housing with degree dial


Image: Wikimedia Commons modified. 




 Here you have some videos from www.ehow.com with their transcripts:

How to use a compass to navigate:

 SUBTITLES: 1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey rectangular button with two lines

 Hi, this is John Stewart, and this is how to use a compass. There is many different types and styles of compasses, but you can use a very basic one, and find your way, anytime you need to. There's many different things on a compass that you need to know about, for you to be able to use it. The first thing is the dial. On all compasses, there is going to be a dial, that's going to spin 360 degrees, a complete circle. In the center of your compass, there's going to be two arrows. One is red, and one is white. They point the opposite direction of each other. On the dial that spins around, there's going to be a red arrow also. This is going to come in handy, for lining up, and getting your direct measurements. On the outer edges of your compass, there are going to be measurements. Half inch, quarter inch, one inch, and centimeter measurements. These are going to be there, for when you're marking your distances, according to how a map is read. A map might say that one inch is ten miles, so you can use your compass, to measure out the mileage that you're expecting to have to hike, but how to use the compass, is very easy. Find your bearing. Say, you want to go twenty four degrees. You're going to take, and put the dial on twenty four degrees. Spin the dial, to where both red arrows line up. Once the arrows line up, you're going to walk that direction, and it's going to point you in the right way of going twenty four degrees, and that's how it is to use a compass.


How to use a map and a compass to navigate:

 SUBTITLES:  1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey rectangular button with two lines

Hi, this is John Stewart, and this is how to use a map to find direction. If you have a map and a compass, you can lay that map out, and find your way, wherever you need to go. The first thing you need to do, is just layyour map out on a flat surface, and then get your compass out. Line your compass up with north, and get it pointing in that direction. Your map is then going to have a point that points north on it. Line the map up, and the compass up, and get them pointing in north. Then you can put your compass away, and take and just look at the map, and figure out where you want to go from there. Once you figured out where you need to go, you can then take your compass. Lay it back on the map. Point it towards that area you want to go, and it's going to tell you, hey, you need to go ninety eight degrees in that direction, and you can take and use the measurements from the key, to figure how many miles you need to walk, or drive in that direction, to find your way, of where you're trying to go, and this is how to read a map.


You can find the complete "How to navigate wilderness areas" series Here

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